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Good evening, what is your emergency?

May 17, 2010

Hi Blogville,

I should start this with an apology for staying away this long. A lot of times, the chore of going through the day can get so demanding that you are forced to exclude all else. I really wonder how the likes of Vera can afford to blog every three days. when I grow up, I sure want to be like her, lol.

Living in Nigeria can ‘dull’ person o! we get used to so many nonsense and so much irresponsibility that we do not for once believe anybody in government, anybody aspiring to government, anybody that has any sympathy for those in government or anybody directly or remotely related to anybody in government (I wonder if that does not include all of us).

The abnormal has become the ‘norm;’

the ‘inexcusable’ is easily ‘excused;’

an ‘aberration’ can easily become ‘the familiar;’

‘madness’ has become the new ‘sanity;’ and

the ‘irrational’ has become the ‘conventional.’

razz the new cool.

If these were not so, we would not have become accustomed to a lot of things that the average person should frown at, things like:

rubbish heaps covering half of our roads,

reckless driving that we experience everyday – be it from the danfo driver, trailer drivers, men in uniform, the bullion vans, or worse of all, vehicles attached to our ‘servants’ in public office;

school students roaming about the streets at the very times they should be in school – I remember when all students seemed to leave home at exactly 7.00 am to go to school;

our elected – selected – public officials doing everything but what they are expected to do and cursing/damning those amongst us that have the gumption to question them – a la Ojo Madueke;

our streets being flooded at the slightest rains because some government agency has neglected to clear the drains, or another government agency has cleared the drains and put the debris on the road, or another government agency has awarded the contract for the repair of the road/drains, has gone ahead to cut the roads and thereby reduce the effective width of the roads and refused to be done – as we have on Acme Road, Ogba, Lagos;

the corruption that we see everyday and everywhere – from the armed robbers that proclaim themselves as our friends, to the local government registry officials that ask for all manner of things all in the name of rejoicing with you on your wedding, etc;

and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and then on some more….

you get the drift right!

Then out of the blues you are surprised when things are done properly in some little way, and here is the kernel of my story….

It was just a lovely evening and enjoying a lovely trip while going home from work, it was Friday May 14 2010.

Cruising along Lateef Jakande Road, in Ikeja, I perceive a mammoth conflagration consuming my paternal edifice – for those of us who are not members of Pst Kris Okotie’s church, that means I saw this huge fire burning not at my father’s house, but at the premises of Boulous Limited, whose factory is along the road between Acme and Wempco Streets. The fire was so huge and out of the recesses of my mind, 767 popped up.

767, I immediately remember is the Lagos State Emergency Number. I pick up my phone and dial 767, and wait for it….

Surprise Number One – the call connects immediately. For those of us in Nigeria, we usually do not expect calls to connect immediately the call is initiated.

Surprise Number Two – A pleasant voice (a lady of course) is at the other end and asks pleasantly, ‘Good evening, what is your emergency? We have gotten used to the merry-go-round that accompanies calls to customer service units of firms. was expecting to hear Press 1, if you have a fire, Press 2, if you have been robbed, Press 3, if it’s an accident, Press 0, if you want to speak with our Customer Service agent, …. etc…

The lady asked for specific information and confirmed the location and premises. and wait for Surprise Number 3 – She informed me that men of the Fire Service were already there and thanked me for calling.

I was mighty impressed. so things could work in this jungle we call Lagos! well it seems something good has come out of Nazareth!

This is me saying kudos to all staff of the Emergency Response Unit of the Lagos State Government and please keep up the good work. As the Yoruba’s will say,

“Ibere ko n’se onise, afi eni t’oba f’oriti d’opin”

– meaning it’s not him that starts a journey, but he that endures till the end that would get the praise.

And to all the other governors in Nigeria that do not have a clue as to how to better the lives of their people, they can borrow a leaf from Lagos State.

Nigeria is definitely getting better, lets all do our part in making it a working and worthy nation.

Eko o ni b’aje O!

Nigeria o ni b’aje O!

PS: I would be back soon, and not keep you hanging for another four months, so help me God